19th March 2022

How do I protect my computer and e-mail from harmful malware, virus attacks, hackers & spam?

What threats do I need to protect my system from?

When you purchase an IT solution you must protect your data and software from numerous attacks & programs designed to steal your data or bombard you with junk mail and irritating popups.

These threats are caused by:-

Virus software – A piece of malicious software which causes you system to malfunction or destroys your valuable data

Malware – Annoying popups which appear on your web pages and try to steal your data or your trick you intro paying money to get rid of them

Ransom Ware – This is where a hacker gets access to your system and inserts a ‘time-bomb’ in your system to destroy or encrypt all your files.  This infection is normally followed by a ransom note demanding money to get your data back again.

SPAM – This is where companies send you numerous e-mails or messages advertising a product that you do not want.

Phishing – This is an attempt to trick someone into giving information over the internet or by email that would allow someone else to take money from them, for example by taking money out of their bank account

What software do I need to protect my systems from these threats?

The most important method of dealing with these threats if they ever get through is to protect your data with multiple backups on different formats.

  • Minimize the risk to clients with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: a single solution that integrates cybersecurity, data protection, and security management, enhanced with Advanced Security’s full-stack anti-malware capabilities.
  • Acronis cyber protect cloud includes advanced security adds: Anti-malware functionalities, integrated with best-of-breed backup and recovery, which complements your clients’ current antivirus. AI-and behavior-based detection focused on zero-day attacks and ransomware.
  • Full-stack anti-malware: to replace ineffective, legacy antivirus with an integrated cyber protection. Expand protection to cover web attacks and exploits, improve detection rates and reactiveness to emerging threats, reduce false positives, and ensure no threat recurrence.
  • Acronis Active Protection: Next-gen, behavior-based technology built to proactively stop cyberthreats, with a focus on ransomware and zero-day attacks
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) with device control
  • E-mail Backup and recovery
  • Automatic data recovery after a ransomware attack
  • Security gap identification with #CyberFit Score
  • Full-stack anti-malware protection: Real-time protection covering all attack vectors with multiple defence layers
  • URL filtering: Block malicious URLs, web-based attacks, and COVID-19 scams at client level
  • Exploit prevention: Behavior-based detection heuristics prevent the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities, including memory exploits and injections
  • Anti-malware scans of data in the Acronis Cloud: Offload client endpoints to enable more aggressive scans and ensure malware-free backups
  • Forensics data in backups: Collect digital evidence to enable faster investigations and reduce the cost of remediation
  • CPOC threat feed: Increase reactiveness to emerging threats and get remediation suggestions
  • Automatic allow listing: Reduce false positives and enable more aggressive scanning
  • Malware reinfection prevention: Scan for malware and update AV definitions during recovery to prevent a threat from re-occurring
  • Remote device wipe: prevent data leaks via lost devices

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